George Hurt is clearly my choice to represent us in N.H. House

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To The Daily Sun,

I ask that you join me in support of George Hurt, candidate for New Hampshire House of Representatives, District 2.

For the past several years, I have been registered as an undeclared voter in the town of Gilford. Why? Because I am more interested in the qualifications and positions of individual candidates as opposed to political party platforms.

On Sept. 9 a primary will be held to select the Republican candidates who will be on the ballot for the November elections. I will exercise my option to vote in the Republican Primary to support George Hurt because I believe that his previous experience while serving in the New Hampshire Legislature from 1995-1998 and being a member of several state boards and commissions will be advantageous. His strong commitment to fiscal accountability, and his ability and willingness to compromise is what is needed during these challenging economic times for our state.

Recognizing that strong, decisive, experienced leadership is critical to seek a balance in the months and years ahead, George Hurt is clearly my candidate of choice to create an even better New Hampshire. I encourage you to cast your vote for George Hurt in the Republican Primary. I am convinced that he is a highly qualified candidate to again serve in the New Hampshire House representing Gilford and Meredith in District 2.

Michael E. Tocci