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Republicans, let's nominate a true constitutional patriot for Senate

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To The Daily Sun,

The people of our great state of New Hampshire have the opportunity to elect an experienced conservative for Senate in Bob Smith, but first he has to be nominated by the state Republican Party.

His opponent for the nomination is Scott Brown, who during his short stay in Washington voted with Obama most of the time. Brown is already the establishment pick for the nomination, the same establishment which turned its back on Bob 12 years ago. To nominate Scott Brown is not much different from voting for Jeanne Shaheen. As usual, the Republican establishment would nominate a person who is a liberal to go up against a liberal. This never works, and the party would lose the general election. During the last election literally every wishy-washy candidate that Carl Rove raised money for lost. So would Scott Brown in the coming election. He is supported by Governor Chris Christie, who helped get Obama re-elected with his hugs and support. (Kind of tells you who you would be voting for.)

Bob Smith has a perfect conservative voting record in both the House and Senate. All one needs to do is look it up on the Internet. He is pro-life, strong on gun rights, strong on helping our veterans (he's one himself), and strong on free speech and religious liberty. He is against centralized government and will fight for our property rights. Bob is retired and does not have to give more years of his life to the Republic. He is doing it because of his deep concern for our country and for the future of our children and grandchildren.

If we nominate Bob Smith for the U.S. Senate we will be nominating a true constitutional conservative patriot with a proven conservative voting record instead of another so-called Republican who could care less about the Republican platform or the future of our country. Our federal government has become lawless, and we need to send Bob back to Washington to help rein it in. Bob was right for our state in the past and he will be right for us again.

Phil & Chris Wittmann