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The matter of danger from terrorism has been a devious hoax

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To the Laconia Sun,

Have you ever considered the cost of wars, in middle-eastern countries? It is a staggering loss of human life, revenue, and resources, this country has expended without apologies or rationality. And today, we can look back and assess their motives and reasoning that has allowed this catastrophe to happen, in the first place.
First off, this country has never experienced a viable threat from these small, backward, (and often) poorer countries, unable to defend themselves against domestic violence and unrest. If you recall we have had three fatalities from foreign terrorists in this time period — no more.

We have been kept in a state of anxiety, by mismanagement of the news, fearing the worst. The media has done their best to help the war-mongers present the worst-case-scenario, day after day week after week. And we ate it up.

The truth is we have not been in any danger. In the meantime we committed soldiers to several countries, endured their deaths, without an outcry from millions of citizens nor national leaders -- leaders who obviously, are more concerned with obtaining lucrative weapons contracts for their home states. Collectively, they are not concerned with human suffering and death — ours and theirs. Greed has prevailed as the value of human life has been diminished.

In conclusion, I can honestly say the whole matter of danger from terrorists, has been a devious hoax to bilk trillions of dollars on false claims and outright lies and deception making a military takeover of this country more a fact than an article of fiction.

If you see this differently, please let me know. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket because too many people don't give a damn! Please prove me wrong.

Leon R. Albushies