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With this mentality there would be no 1-93 through the notch

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To The Daily Sun,

Too bad there is so much misinformation out there about Northern Pass.

PSNH employees being demonized although they are our neighbors and our children go to the same schools. Quebec Hydro is being demonized although they are always here to help New Hampshire when we have bad storms and power lines are down. Criticism that this is just for power to the south of us when the truth is all New England states share power and we are all in this together. Massachusetts is referred to with derogatory names but we associate ourselves with their professional sports teams like it's our religion.

Claim Northern Pass will scar the north country and destroy tourism. A pretty woman with a facial scar is still pretty. What people say and what they actually do are usually different. Franklin downtown has an ugly reputation, but Tilton downtown receives praises.

The next time you drive through downtown Tilton and marvel at their storefronts and quaint appearance, look up and see all the power lines crisscrossing throughout downtown. The next time you drive through downtown Franklin, pause for a moment and look up. There are no power lines overhead. Did you ever notice that before? Proof that power lines aren't the issue.

Owl's Nest Golf Course has the biggest power lines and usually rates as one of the top golf courses in New Hampshire. Think of all the things we have now that would not exist if all the present day naysayers lived many years ago. No Interstate 93 through Franconia Notch. No easy access to the Old Man to see for many years. No Auto Road to top of Mt. Washington. No observatory on top of Mount Washington. No Cog Railroad, on and on.

They would have been criticized for "scarring" our views and would destroy tourism. As to imminent domain, laws were already passed to limit, if not eliminate that option. Come on people. Open your minds to the truths and not to the ugly rumors and misconceptions. Communities directly in line with Northern Pass should have every right to decide for themselves what they want and everybody else outside of those communities should let them decide for themselves.

Gerry LeBlanc