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GOT LUNCH! Laconia has an amazing impact on this community

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To The Daily Sun,

It's amazing to me the impact that GOT Lunch! Laconia has on this community. A few weeks ago I was selling raffle tickets for the drawing to win a 2014 Sea Doo Spark 3up and trailer donated by Irwin Marine, when a young adult came up to me and thanked me for the food that was delivered to her house a few years ago. She said, "I was a part of that program. Thank you, it meant a lot to us." While selling raffle tickets at a Muskrats game, a young girl maybe 6-years-old, came to our table and, with the biggest brown eyes, peaked over the table and quietly said "Thank you for the food!" and gave us the sweetest smile.

In the years that we have been doing this program I have come to realize that this program is bigger than just delivering food to children. It shows children and families that this community cares about them, really cares. Just knowing that others care, helps to build resiliency and bring a sense of  hope that they aren't alone. It has brought so many diverse community members together who never would have known each other and built a sense of community and pride.

Here are two comments by parents about the program from our end of the year survey:

"Thank you for sharing such a wonderful program with our community. We've had a lot of struggles in the past several years and every kindness shared helps more than you know!"

"Thank You! I don't know what I would have done without it. It is humbling to be in a place of needing to receive this gift as I have always been a giver. I pray this program continues. Your energies are appreciated greatly."

Over 272 volunteers this year, $66,000 raised; people touching the lives of children and making their lives a little better; it doesn't get any better than that! We see the gratitude and appreciation every week and we wanted the community to know just how much the effort is appreciated.

Thank You, Laconia!

The Rev. Paula Gile

Advisory Board Member

GOT LUNCH! Laconia