Rep. Fields worked against his own party & behaved childlisly

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To The Daily Sun,

As we are now entering into the "crazy season" of political elections, I wanted to write this letter to endorse some folks who I believe will be honest public servants to Belknap County, should they win their elections.

Rep. Richard Burchell is running against John Thomas for the seat of County Commissioner. Having had personal experience serving with both of these men, Rep. Burchell would definitely have my vote. Not only has Commissioner Thomas demonstrated unprofessional behavior time and again (I will never forget his infamous "You want to take this on lady?" threat at a delegation meeting early in 2013), he has proven he stands for unaccountable governance. This is totally unacceptable. Commissioner Richard Burchell sounds just great to me.

Ray Howard is running for Belknap District 8 in the New Hampshire House. I have full confidence Mr. Howard will vote to stop the over-taxation of our residents in Belknap. He will stand against new taxes and bloated government. And as this was my seat in Belknap, I cannot imagine a better legislator sitting in it.

Rep. Dennis Fields not only worked against his own party during my time as a delegation member in Belknap, he demonstrated childish and truculent behavior at virtually every delegation meeting. He voted with the Democrats again and again, many times against Belknap taxpayers. My endorsement goes to Republican Brian Gallagher. Sanbornton deserves a true Republican in that seat and Brian is the man for the job. Time to make a change, Sanbornton.

So, that is my take on some upcoming primary elections in Belknap County. It is Live Free or Die time here in New Hampshire. Let's support our conservative candidates throughout New Hampshire.

Jane Cormier