Pathetic that our laws permit using explosives for entertainment

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To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to Laconia Police Chief Chris Adams:

After nearly suffering cardiac arrest just now, from these morons next door setting off a round of about six to 12 rapid succession fireworks, hence explosives without any warning, I was shocked and now suffering the aftermath of an anxiety attack.

I called police headquarters for a car to respond, but what's the point? The courteous dispatcher informed me New Hampshire has no set rules or laws regarding setting off explosives within limited bounds or measurements within a resident's living room window. I find it pathetic that the law permits and endorses potential bodily harm or even death from using explosives for entertainment. It's no wonder hillbillies are so infamous for their ignorance and America's joke.

This town and state never ceases to amaze me with their primitive and uneducated sets of rules and laws. Literally I find it an amazing learning experience.
I relish the day I get to move far away from this town. God help its residents and future. Especially the next generation.

Lucci Calabrese