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Common Core implementation will lead to jobs for graduates

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To The Daily Sun,

In order to bring middle-class, good-wage jobs to the Lakes Region, we need an educated workforce that has the skills that employers need. The Common Core was developed in the early 2000s by governors and state education chiefs, Republican and Democrat, and 43 states have opted into the program and are working to implement the standards in English language and mathematics.

Common Core is not a top-down-driven program, but a program developed and implemented by each state. New Hampshire has one of the more transient student populations — moving from town to town — and state to state. Common Core assures that these students can transition to different town school systems, and have the content and skills needed to progress. Common Core will provide our students with the skills and content knowledge for those good wage jobs.

Some of our state representatives want to delay or kill implementation of Common Core. Call your state representative and urge them to support the Common Core implementation.

We need to effectively use our Community College system by encouraging our high school students to take classes at the local community college. Community colleges need to partner with industry in developing an apprenticeship program. This will better prepare them for the workforce and lower their education costs should they go on to higher degrees. Lowering the debt burden of graduates frees up their future income for cars and houses that drive the economy.

I'm supporting Nick Vazzano running for state representative in Sandwich, Moultonborough, and Tuftonboro, because he built an educational software company and knows the value of an educated workforce. Easy access to higher education will allow more social mobility and restore the American dream. Common Core — just Common Sense.

John Morrissey