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We will always remember the kindness that saved our home

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To The Daily Sun,

A sincere thank you to a wonderful group of people.

We wish to thank a group of people who took it upon themselves to help us with our house for no other reason other than they are kind caring people who need to be recognized and publicly thanked.

Our home was in need of repair from wood decay which was accidentally found under the siding and around two doors. Paul Rees Carpentry rebuilt a 20 foot portion or four house's structural wall and replaced the doors in the fall of last year. More work was scheduled to be done this year to finish the project to literally save our home.

As medical issues have arisen, our plans to strip the vinyl and paint the house ourselves was delayed, also available funds were exhausted to hire someone to complete the project.

The Rees family to it upon themselves to contact our daughter and son-in-law, Becky and Brian Grinavic, and our son Kenny, who in turn contacted ore people to show up at our house and donate their free time to stripping the house of vinyl, installing decking, and prepping our house for paint, which is scheduled in the next few weeks.

We would like to thank the following people for giving up their time to help us: Paul Rees, Joan Rees, Tommy Rees, Kelsey Rees, Brian Grinavic, Becky Grinavic, Lauren Grinavic, Kenney Hill, Chad Giroux, Nick Thorndike, Josh Fournier, Harry Huston, Conor Kennealy, Garrett Dunlap, and Joan Walsh. We also want to thank Mike Mussen and Randy Hancock from Lavalley/Middleton Lumber. 

We want to thank the above people who didn't hesitate to step forward and help us for no other reason than they have big hearts and they know what it means to help someone without being asked or expecting anything in return. 

We will be always grateful and never forget this kindness, and hope this will inspire other people to step forward and help others in need without being asked.

Irene & Bob Hill