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Market Basket board has right to run business as they choose

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To The Daily Sun,

I expected my opinion of the current Market Basket dispute to be a dissenting view. I'm okay with that.

I understand this is a very emotional issue. There are employees who feel that they've had an owner that actually knew them and cared about them. That's a great thing, not a bad thing. There are customers who have maybe prided themselves with shopping locally so to speak, in that Market Basket is New England-based. That also is a good thing.

My only points were that the ownership is made up of two different groups with a somewhat different vision and position on how the company should be run. These two groups are essentially 50/50 in ownership. They voted and the Arthur S. group apparently won. The current board of directors is the legitimate board. They didn't take over in the middle of the night. If they did something illegal then charge them and invalidate any moves they've made. But unless that happens, they have to run the company. The employees can't and shouldn't, no matter how passionate their reasoning.

As I said above, evidently the new board wants to go in a somewhat different direction. Unless the news reports I've read in The Daily Sun and other papers are simply false, I believe they have already said that current staffing, wages, and benefits weren't changing. Employees who haven't been doing their jobs, they want them to just come back and start doing their jobs and it's forgotten.

To take the position — just on a business level — that the board has done something wrong and that they don't have the right and obligation to lead as they see fit, is something I disagree with.

I have nothing in this dispute except my opinion as an onlooker. By the way, I've been involved in small business all my life. I'm stating my opinion and respect yours. I'm only speaking on what I see as basic business principles.

Unless reports in this paper and others are just false, I've read about employees demanding that will work for one guy and not work for anyone else.

I've read about a store manager calling the head office and telling them — presumably on duty as the store manager — to come get their trailer, that the produce would rot at the loading dock.

Employees should have the right to express their very emotional and heartfelt opinion. A good employer will listen and perhaps even reconsider. But that employee shouldn't have the right to "demand" a change, and the employer must comply or they are not going to do their job.

Of course anyone has the right to speak their mind. But they have the obligation to do their job. If they won't, the proper response of any employer is to move forward without them.

Ron Brooks
Gilmanton Iron Works