By my count, 4 of 5 major TV networks are owned by liberals

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To The Daily Sun,

Well readers, Bernadette Loesche has pulled a gun on me in the form of the NYU School of Law. Now, how could I argue with a couple of professors from there? Except NYU is a noted liberal institution, and personally I don't trust lawyers. Too many of them are politicians. (Really, you need to broaden you reading.)

Bernadette's point was to try and convince you and I that most media in this country are run by conservatives. Let's check out that theory. Most folks get their news from TV these days so take a look at this.

First CNN: Founded by Ted Turner (noted liberal) and for the past few years a big Obama backer. Their broadcasters were more like Obama cheerleaders, missing only pompoms and mini skirts. No one in their right mind could confuse them for conservatives.

How about ABC? Well they are owned by the Walt Disney Company, not a very conservative-friendly outfit, I think most people realize.

NBC? Oh, come on, not even Bernadette could make that argument.

Then there is CBS which split in half a few years ago into Time Warner and Viacom.

After reading a long and twisting description on Wikipedia it turns out both are owned by the Sumner Redstone Company. Sumner Redstone is a Boston media mogul and long-time Democratic supporter, very much the equal of Ruppert Murdock. Now if Murdock should gain Time Warner it certainly would make him media king, but so far that is not the case as far as I know. It would, however, help level the playing field because by my count it's four liberal TV networks vs Fox News right now.

As for newspapers most notable are the N.Y. Times, Washington Post, L.A. Times, Boston Globe, Atlanta Journal Constitution, all liberal. Smaller local papers are far harder to define but most take their lead from these.

So once again I have proven you and the NYU professors wrong. Have a good day.

Steve Earle