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I feel empathy for these victims but blame belongs with Hamas

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To The Daily Sun,

With so many things going on all at once, it's impossible to address them all in one letter.

My friend Russ Wiles had a great letter in Tuesday's paper regarding the boarder crisis, which I agree with completely. I'll add that because of that crisis Obama is facing criticism from previously loyal fronts. Black American leaders are growing far more discontent with in influx of poor Hispanics who will compete for entry-level jobs black youths desperately need.

It's not as though we have a shortage of poor and unemployed here in America. Do we really need to import more? How can we afford to support these illegals? Please don't tell me we tax the rich. That hasn't worked before. Why in the world would it work now and how many times can the government go to that well before it dries up for good?

The other big news is Israel going after the Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Good for Israel. Of course the politically correct sentiment is to call for a cease-fire (Hamas has rejected that twice so far) as they always do. Thing is, these cease-fires only last until the terrorists rearm, resupply then its attack Israel again. This has been going on long before the partition of the territory.

Muslim radicals (supported by most of the Muslim populations) have been trying to kill and force Jews out of the Holy Land for centuries. Before World War II the religious head of the Muslim's of Jerusalem instigated a number of massacres. During the war he was harbored in Berlin as a "guest of Hitler" where he organized a full division of Waffen SS which operated in the Balkans killing Jews and sending captives to the death camps.

Israel's military has shown remarkable restraint trying to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza while Hamas has shown remarkable evil, using women and children as human shields trying to get them killed or maimed for propaganda purposes. I feel empathy for these victims, but I place the blame right with Hamas where it belongs. Israel must be allowed to defend itself in spite of the reprehensible tactics Hamas and other terrorists use. The blood of the innocents is on the hands of Hamas.

Steve Earle