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Nation of Israel is an island of civilization in a sea of barbarism

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To The Daily Sun,

Has anyone seen a recent political cartoon concerning the PA/Israeli war? It posited the question: "Which is worse": A. Gaza using human shields or B. Israel hitting them. According to Lynn Rudmin Chong and other left-leaning academics, the answer is B. She ends her letter by speaking of the Israeli invasion of Gaza. Those dastardly Jews are at it again, right Lynn?

Let's peruse the facts shall we? Israel accepted the Egyptian proposed cease-fire while Hamas kept firing away. Hamas deliberately aims rockets at civilians while Israel takes every precaution to avoid them. Israel's prime minister says, "We're using missile defense to protect our civilians and they're using their civilians to protect their missiles." Apologists from America to Europe and the despicable U.N. Human Rights Council all blame Israeli occupation for this latest attack from Hamas. The idea of supporting terrorists is apparently lost on all those Jewish-hating, misguided souls.

Remember less than 10 years ago when Israel pulled up all its roots from Gaza and turned it all over to the Palestinians? Israel was hopeful of having a peaceful Palestinian neighbor and gave them 3,000 greenhouses with which to export fruit and flowers. The Gaza Palestinians proceeded to destroy the greenhouses and elected Hamas in 2007. So rather than building an economy, schools and hospitals, they built underground tunnels and spent millions on rockets and other weapons. Yet somehow, it is the fault of Israel that the Palestinian people are impoverished.

The Palestinians know that the Israeli "Iron Dome" defense shield will destroy most of their missiles. Their goal is to produce photo ops of dead civilians with which to promote the endlessly false narrative of those "ruthless Israelis" because they loathe Jewish people and have no desire to make peace.This cartoon is pure rubbish and perpetuates a terrible myth.

Though it was Hamas that kept firing hundreds of rockets in Israel forcing more than half of the country to run for their bomb shelters, they showed amazing patience and restraint. They warned the Palestinian people in every way possible that they must take shelter because they were about to respond to the assault on their homeland if the rockets kept coming. So what did President Obama say about the matter? He urged Israel to proceed with all due caution and get to the bargaining table quickly while not mentioning the name Hamas. He then commanded John Kerry to get on his white horse and ride to the defense of, you guessed it, Hamas.

The Palestinians are suffering more casualties due to their own country not only "not" providing them with bomb shelters, but using them as human shields to be mutilated and killed to elicit sympathy from the international community. Senior Israeli leaders have been killed while leading their troops into battle while the Hamas leaders are either hiding out in Qatar or in deep air-conditioned bomb shelters.

I find it absolutely reprehensible that with the Holocaust not such a distant memory, much of Europe and academics in the United States can unabashedly spew their venomous, anti-Semitic rhetoric at our most cherished ally in the Middle East.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters laments as follows: "Israel is an island of civilization in a sea of barbarism. It is the only rule of law democracy in the history of the Middle East where women's rights are respected. Where even the president is not above the rule of law. Where education and hard work are valued. And yet our government is once again betraying Israel."

Nonie Darwish, was born in Cairo and grew up in Egypt-ruled Gaza in the 1950s. She notes that after the revolution, Egyptian president Nasser's commitment was to unify the Arab world and destroy Israel. She said that Gaza public schools taught the children hate, vengeance and retaliation or "jihad" against Israel. A favorite song, "Arabs are our friends, Jews are our dogs."

Here's a memo to the apparently deluded Lynn Rudmin Chong and other academics: Israel wants to live in peace while the Hamas-ruled Palestinian Authority wants to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the earth. Is that enough moral clarity for you?

Russ Wiles