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These men aren't spewing hate, they're expressing love of country

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To The Daily Sun,

In the weekend edition of The Sun there was a letter to the editor from a Ms. Carol Stappi congratulating Bernadette Loesch for chastising Misters Earle, Boutin and Ewing for their "hate" letters to the editors. I don't know the contents of Ms. Loesch's letter as I no longer read them due to the lack of facts and truths in them. If the world was flat, Bernadette would have fallen off the left side of it a long time ago. Obama could murder his family and Bernadette and others of her ilk would find some way to blame someone else.

As far as Ms. Stappi is concerned, her hypocrisy is blatantly exposed by her failing to add the writers from the left, Mr. Veverka is one who stands out, who spew more hate than anyone on Ms. Stappi's list. Apparently, Ms. Stappi is another who blindly voted for Obama (twice) without checking into his background which showed he didn't have the experience to sell hot watches on a street corner, never mind running this country, and the last six years have proven it.

The Misters Earle, Boutin and Ewing aren't spewing hate they are showing that they care for this country, and it's a shame that Obama doesn't do the same.

Dave Schwotzer