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Cartels & scum are charging those kids to travel to the U.S.

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To The Daily Sun,

Some thoughts on immigrants and disease:

TB, Eboli, Swine Flu, Dengue Fever and the rest of the so-¬≠called diseases these kids are allegedly bringing into the USA. The only problem is that it's not happening.

Ebola doesn't even exist around here, but only in Africa. Most have already been vaccinated against them or the chance of them being transferred are close to nil. Just ask Rep. Ginley (R) of Georgia who is an MD, but still has no clue. It's just more of the fear-mongering by the GOP. But then we have prospective House Rep. Kwasman (R-Ariz.) point at a YMCA bus full of kids. Problem was the kids were really from the YMCA and not illegals. On Wednesday we had a Linda Riley complaining about Obama's bill of 2012. Linda, not for nothing, but all that was in 2012 and is really not pertinent anymore. None of these kids would qualify under that bill.

The only people that are getting rich from all of this are the cartels and scum that are charging those kids money to travel here. Every time somebody shoves some coke up their nose the cartels make more money. This encourages them to sell more product and embolden them to recruit more kids. But you are right, Linda. The president wants and needs more money to take care of all these problems. But it is up to Congress to pass the bills so he will get it. He can't do it by using an executive order can he? That seems to get many people really upset to the point of wanting to either sue him or impeach him.

Best idea is to write both Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte.

Jon Hoyt