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Obama made his own bed, I won't stop pointing out his messes

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To The Daily Sun,

Just to be clear, the definition of mudslinging, according to Random House Dictionary, is: "An attempt to discredit one's competitor, opponent, etc by malicious or scandalous attacks." Collins English Dictionary defines it as: " Casting malicious slurs on an opponent esp in politics."

So Denise Doyle feels that Russ Wiles, Don Ewing, Tony Boutin, myself "and alike do so in every letter we write."

Let's review. When Obama first became a candidate we observed he had few qualifications for president other then being a self-proclaimed constitutional scholar. (Five and a half years later that seems far less the case.) Even so, but still he had zero business experience, zero management skills, no foreign policy experience, no economics background, no military but in his own writings claimed to have been a lazy, poor student with poor grades who skipped class to smoke pot. Mud slinging? No, we only commented on it and were usually branded as racists by the left wing writers to this paper.

Speaking of racist I seem to recall Obama playing the race card on Hillary Clinton. Am I wrong Denise?

About his government experience there was the brief tenure in the Illinois State Senate and then the aborted seat in the U.S. Senate, both of which his strong positions on any important issue was to vote "Present."

As for his presidential history the highlights of which are:

1) Caving in to Putin regarding the placement of anti-missile defenses in eastern Europe. (Makes it easier for Russia to invade Georgia and Ukraine.)

2) Lies about Obamacare, roll out foul-up, misleading sign up statistics.

3) Iran still working on nukes. (Fails to get strong international sanctions.)

4) "The Arab Spring" policy. (More violence, blood and destruction all over northern Africa, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and spreading as I write.)

5) Benghazi and the YouTube video lie and cover-up.

6) The IRS targeting conservatives, Louis Learner taking the Fifth before Congress, and surprise ... all of Learner"s and six other IRS employees computer records were "lost." ( Yea right!!!)

7) The VA scandal. Obama's "sacred duty to fix" while he was campaigning.

8) The Berghahl trade bungle.

9) ISIS and the Iraq crisis.

10) Fast and Furious gun running to Mexico. Attorney General Holder lied to Congress denying knowledge of scheme.

11) Illegal immigration crisis.

12) Red line in Syria, bungle. (Putin ate his lunch and made him look like a weak sister).

13) Blocking the Keystone pipeline, killing thousands of jobs.

14) Justice Department tapping the records of Associated Press reporters.

15) Atty. Gen. Holder Lied to a federal judge to get subpoena for Fox News reporter and his family. (He told the judge that James Rosen was a criminal, signed request.)

16) Atty. Gen. Holder lied to Congress regarding Fox News reporter James Rosen. Denied he knew of, or targeted Rosen.

17) Sebelius reported to have demanded "donations" from companies which HHS would be regulating. (Violation of Hatch Act).

 18) Obama gave millions to Salindra after being warned it was going to go bankrupt. (He received huge campaign donations from Salindra owners.)

19) Failed to investigate New Black Panthers voter intimidation charges. (double standard)

20) Hacking of CBS reporter, Sharyl Attkisson's computer who was investigating Benghazi.

21) NSA head lied to Congress regarding their screening every telephone and e-mail in this country

22) Obama authorized paying millions to Axelrod's PR company to promote Obamacare while Axelirod was employed in the White House. (conflict of interest?)

These are all the kinds of things we writers, Ms. Doyle accuses of mudslinging have commented on and give opinions on over the years. None of these are malicious slurs or scandalous attacks, but valid reports from reputable news organizations such as Fox News, ABC, CBS, CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe and dozens of others. Obama and company have made their own beds, so I will not apologize or stop making note of the mess they are making of the country. It's my right and opinion.

Oh, and thank you Ms. Doyle for proving my point.

Steve Earle