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Criminal invasion of Iraq cost U.S. taxpayers about $3 trillion

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To The Daily Sun,

It grieves my heart to hear the latest evaluation of the Iraq war, now 10 years old. Many in public office say, "It was a mistake!" How do we, as fellow humans, cope with the cold, calculating facts that we sent 2,300 soldiers — men and women to their death, now determined to be a worthless, wrong cause? Is human life that cheap?
A criminal invasion of the small, sovereign nation of Iraq based on charges Congress knew were totally false, but failed to speak out against, was only the beginning of deception and lies by the Bush Administration in its rush to war! In spite of its lack of validity we bombed civilians, hospitals and clinics in a total blitz! Before it was over we had killed 600,000 civilian and military alike leaving the country in shambles. It least 100,000 of this number were children.
In spite of this massive assault depicted over and over again on nightly news broadcasts: The blood spilled out on the streets: broken bodies shewn on the sidewalks unattended; women screaming for their missing children: The public and the clergy (for the most part) gave their silent consent letting the killing go on without a word of dissent. What kind of people are we? And now we arrogantly claim, it was wrong from the beginning.
Keep in mind this irrefutable fact about warfare: It is the most profitable business for industry and manufacturing — guaranteeing a steady stream of money for guns, bombs, and all the materials for so-called (war.) Military requests are hardly ever questions! The criminal invasion of Iraq costs taxpayers about 3 trillion dollars! Did you yourself, ever raise your voice against this monstrous brutality and murder? Shame on you!
I grieve the loss and my souls shrinks that we, as a nation of Christian/Judaic faith should ever have let this terrible loss happen!
There is no fault upon the soldiers that survived. They carried out their orders with bravery and honor.

Leon R Albushies