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Sen. Shaheen knows where to go to get the N.H. opinion

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To The Daily Sun,

One hundred New Hampshire military veterans gathered to show support of Sen. Shaheen, urging her re-election. Included were Gail Prince of Bedford, an Air Force veteran and former commander of the Sweeney Post in Manchester.

Prince said, "What impresses me most about Senator Shaheen is that because of her history here in New Hampshire, she knows who to reach out to in the state to get the New Hampshire position, the people's position. So when she goes back to Washington she properly represents us because she knows us."

Ken Clark of Stratham, a retired Air Force major general, and former Adjutant General of the New Hampshire National Guard said, "This is my very first time standing up at a political event and saying I'm going to be behind somebody. I spent a career making sure no one could paint me with a brush, but it is time to come out and take a stance because what is going on here is too important. We need Senator Shaheen."

Personal testimony shared at election time makes people take notice. Good. Maybe we will next witness 100 New Hampshire farmers for Shaheen and 100 beekeepers beside them. This would show she's hearing their issues and taking what action she can. If I were a New Hampshire farmer or beekeeper I'd want to know that she's working to curb Monsanto for its GMO seed products and poisons and anti-food labeling moves (Monsanto is taking neighboring Vermont to court on this). Then I'd be a farmer or beekeeper testifying for her and watching to see her cut Monsanto's legs out from under them. Sorry for the bloody graphic here. Politics can be about needed change.

Lynn Rudmin Chong