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I, for one, am sick of doing without & paying more & more in taxes

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To The Daily Sun,

President Obama signed an executive order in 2012 that he would grant a two-year deferral to those under the age of 30 if they came to the U.S. under the age of 16. He would allow them to get work permits. He changed our immigration policy.

As a result, I can bet that is the reason why so many underage illegals are flooding the borders. Their parents are following. A plane with the illegals landed in Boston. I wonder if they will come over the border to New Hampshire. Will that add to the budget problem of New Hampshire?

Because he changed the law without going to Congress, we have a greater number of younger illegal immigrants entering our southern border. A border, that he said was secure.

Mr. President, maybe you should stay at the White House or Camp David and save the U.S. taxpayers some money to pay for the influx of younger illegal immigrants, as it is a result of you not following the laws. It won't cover all the cost, but it is a start.

Not to get off subject but Sgt. Tahmooressi is still in Mexican jail. Is the president doing anything about that? Our veterans are still waiting to see doctors at the VA. Is the president even talking about the veterans? He wants money to take care of the illegal children. But what about our veterans.

I think it will be cheaper to get judges to the holding zones for the children, hold court, and as they are illegal deport them by putting them on military transport planes and send them home. How about stopping funding. Maybe the money he wants to take care of the children could actually take care of our veterans.

The illegal unaccompanied children are suing the U.S. government for taxpayer funded representation and the treatment they are getting.

Let's change the law now. They do not need representation. The need to go home. We, as a country, cannot afford this. The ACLU is really taking court cases that are costing the American taxpayer billions for silly lawsuits.

What are our elected federal representatives going to do now to stop this? I do not want someone to say they are going to vote for or against something. I want them to write a bill that will expedite their deportation hearings and their deportation. We cannot afford this.

I for one am getting sick of doing without and paying more in taxes and not getting anything from my representatives. I get promises but nothing. No more excuses.

In our state, Gov. Hassan put a freeze on spending, part of which is travel, yet she traveled to Turkey for business for New Hampshire. (Governor Lynch put a freeze on spending inn 2008 which Hassan stopped when she was elected). Why did the present governor stop the freeze? Governors in southern states are traveling to New York to try to get businesses that are leaving New York to go to their states. Hassan could have saved some money going to New York instead of Turkey, but then she would have had to cut taxes for businesses so that they would want to come to New Hampshire.

Apparently the governor was given a budget, but she told the fiscal committee that it is very unlikely that the state will come close to meeting the budget target.

Why can't our elected officials spend just what the budget dictates? I have a budget. I do not spend more than my budget. I cannot afford to spend more. The interest would be impossible for me to pay back. I bet most New Hampshire citizens spend within their budget. Why can't our government officials?

Linda Riley