I was first to apply for and receive a N.H. Veterans' ID card

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To The Daily Sun,

On July 1 I went to the DMV to obtain a Veteran's ID card. The DMV informed me that I was the first to apply. After completing the forms and showing my discharge papers and DD-214, they gave me a temporary license that shows that I am a veteran. The process cost me $3.

To the best of my knowledge, the state of New Hampshire has not announced this benefit for veterans.

Stores, restaurants, motels and services offer discounts to veterans with photo IDs. The only veterans who can obtain a photo ID are those retired from the military or who qualify for veteran health insurance. This leaves millions of veterans who are not being recognized for their service. The New Hampshire law recognizes all veterans.

I want to thank Selectmen Pat Consentino of Tilton and State Sen. Jeanie Forrester for their help.

FYI, the federal government veteran's ID card is still in committee.

Veterans, take advantage of this benefit. Yesterday, Home Depot in Tilton accepted my temporary card and gave me a discount.

Jim Mayotte