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Hillary's criticism of Obama will only intensity; she has no choice

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To The Daily Sun,

The presidential race of 2016 is already "game on". Nothing assures it like announcing a new book release with a signing tour across the country the way Hillary Clinton recently did. The tour was a total flop and the book panned but that makes little difference. It gave Hillary an excuse to glad hand nationally without having officially announced her candidacy. A book tour is the perfect place to fine tune your message and round off the rough edges.

It is now certain the one thing Hillary will not repeat in the future is that she was "DEAD BROKE" when she and Bill left the White House. Even the liberal media thought that was over the top hypocrisy. But remember, Hillary Clinton has to win a 75 percent of the bottom 50 percent of America economically to win the WhiteHouse, and 90 percent of the bottom 25 percent. The WORKING CLASS of America both BLUE and WHITE collar are going to vote Republican, as they have the past several elections. Small business owners of every stripe who have been unendingly attacked and terrorized for six years by Obama are going to vote Republican. Hillary has to capture 80 percent of the low income black/Latino vote to win the presidency and she knows it. The white vote as it has in the last several elections is also going to vote Republican. That is why Hillary claims to have been POVERTY STRICKEN, no matter the cat-calls she knew she would take for saying it.

Hillary's remark about being broke wasn't some mis-speak. She is trying to curry favor with people who are much more likely to vote for her if they feel she has walked in their shoes. Lets be honest, Hillary and Bill Clinton have more money than Mitt Romney. In 2012 Democrats screamed such extravagant wealth excluded Mitt from being in touch with Main Street America. If those assertions were true in 2012 what changed to make them untrue in 2016? Hillary and Bill Clinton give 60 minute speeches for $200,000/300,000 a pop at their pleasure. At least Mitt had the appearance or working and holding a real job... and Mitt is often seen in Wolfeboro mingling with the common folk, although I have to admit he hasn't invited me over for a cookout yet.

The real fun of the 2016 presidential race is going to be how Hillary handles the OBAMA Anchor that could sink her presidential aspirations. No aspiring candidate for president in the same party as the incumbent who is dragging a 41 percent job approval rating is likely to be wanting to ride the coattails of that person. In fact Hillary has already made her choice. She is moving as fast as she can from the failed and flaming out presidency of Barack Obama. It is a highly delicate and tactical maneuver. One that is sure to outrage some Democrats. That is the tricky part. Separating yourself from failure in your own party, without losing voters...

One thing is for sure, over the next 30 months Obama is not only going to have just conservatives attacking his every word, but Hillary Clinton as well. She has NO CHOICE if she wants to improve her chances to be president, given Obama's poor approval numbers. She needs to DISTANCE HERSELF, explaining how Hillary's presidency will NOT be a continuation of the failed Obama one. That means highlighting all his mistakes where she believes he made poor presidential decisions. IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING. Her criticisms of Obama will only increase as the months go on. I GUARANTEE IT! She has NO CHOICE.

In a conversation last Sunday, Hillary suggested the average American family is not very happy with what has happened to them over the past six years. The average middle class family income has gone DOWN, not up since Obama took office, they are hurting. She also said she would have armed the Syrian rebels quickly. Obama sat on his thumbs and still is. You remember the RED LINE Syrian disaster from Obama. She surely made it sound as if she would have been far more hawkish than Obama has been on many world events that risk our security in the future if we do not act today. Hillary knows Main Street is not happy and they vote on economic issues first. If they do not see a dramatic change from the policies of Barack Obama that have DONE NOTHING FOR THEM voters are going to give the Republican a chance no matter who he is.
Tony Boutin