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To those who continue to vote for Rep. Mulholland, I ask why?

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To The Daily Sun,

On January 6, 1776, the day after N.H. gave this country it's first state Constitution, our House of Representatives was created. In spite of threats from the British crown, we were determined to set a course for self-government and keep that government close to the people. Our forefathers fixed the size of the House of Representatives as a direct ratio to the state's population. The first House had 87 members, each representing 100 families. Our present day House has 400 members.

Article 8 of the N.H. Constitution states: All power residing originally in, and being derived from, the people, all the magistrates and officers of government are their substitutes and agents, and at all times accountable to them. Government, therefore, should be open, accessible, accountable and responsive."

I'm stuck on the words "accountable" and "responsive" when I think of Grafton District 17 representative Catherine Mulholland. As a resident of the district she's supposed to represent, I've written her both e-mails and letters and also telephoned her several times. I have never once gotten any reply from her whatsoever. Nothing! She drives past my house several times a day, so she can't say it would be too far out of her way to respond to me. Then again, she doesn't even slow down or wave so I guess a conversation is asking too much of her?

I've noticed she tends to vote straight Democratic Party line, so maybe she feels she doesn't represent our household as there are no registered Democrats here. There are also no registered Republicans, Libertarians, Communists or any other political party here either, so that point is likely moot. Besides, in reading the Constitution I've not found it stating or even implying that the government need only be "accountable" and "responsive" to the voters they agree with or share a political alliance with.

For those of you who continue to vote for Ms. Mulholland, I just have to ask why. Why do you vote for someone who pays no attention to her constituents whatsoever? Why do you vote for someone who doesn't care about your opinion or will even take a moment to acknowledge your concerns? Why do you vote for someone who doesn't think for herself but simply hits her voting button according to what the party tells her to do?

We already fought and won the war against taxation without representation once. Let's do it again and vote for a representative in District 17 who will give us accountable and responsive representation.

Cindy Kudlik