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So candidate Tom Dawson has a problem with ideologues like me

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To The Daily Sun,

Wow! The letter from Tom Dawson, former Laconia School Board member was interesting in a way. I have read some in the past and as I recall I didn't agree with his words. The last six years have been rough, and many friendships have been strained. Gee, wasn't that after the time of the election of the most dangerous man in America, Barack Hussein Obama? That election was won by extremely liberal minds, and free loaders who believe in wealth redistribution, mine! And because Independents and common sense Republicans would not vote for amoeba Republicans — NO backbone. So candidate Dawson has a problem with an ideologue like me? Unlike local, state and the federal governments, a good representative for the people should form a plan to reach the final decision. How many times has government done B and D before A and C?
Another Wow! As one who has advocated for more discussion at Belknap County Republican meetings, this one had more action than when Bill Grimm and I went at it verbally two years ago. Glad I wasn't there! Havensetin is the Establishment candidate, as is Scott Brown. Walt is a Republican, a Marine, successful businessman. When the video surfaced of Walt giving some speech and using the "tea bagger" expression, I was chewing nails. Now maybe people who know what that means let us not continue to allow the Liberal Democrats to use this filthy description. Two or three years ago, after hearing these words, I did the research and it is not nice.

As for his positions on the gay agenda and abortion on demand, they do not sit well with me. It tells me a lot about one's character. I am glad that Mr. Havenstein did not take the garbage from Skip Murphy, though. And for that, sir, you may get my vote!
Niel Young