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Amusing that Mr. Earle predicts Dems will do just what he does

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To The Daily Sun,

I had to chuckle when reading the first of Steve Earle's letters this week. He predicts the mud will soon be flying from desperate Democrats. He predicts that they will make personal attacks on Republican candidates and supporters and will be nasty as they get unceasingly desperate.

Mr. Earle sure knows about being nasty, making personal attacks and slinging mud as that is exactly what he, Mr. Wiles, Mr. Ewing, Mr. Boutin and alike do in every letter they write. And they sure do write a lot of letters! They have made countless personal attacks and flung mud at the president and their nastiness only increased after his 2012 repeat rout of their preferred candidate. He talks about Democrats being desperate. Look at the letters from this group of individuals written this year alone — they write day after day after day about the exact same things desperately trying to convince readers why they should hate President Obama as they do.

It is amusing that he predicts Democrats will do exactly what he has been doing for years and yet he chides them for it. Mr. Earle, look in the mirror and reread your letters. You and your fellow weekly writers could give lessons on how to sling mud and make personal attacks.

Denise Doyle