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We don't know what we will get from any of these candidates

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To The Daily Sun,

What do we get from those who are advertising their qualifications for elected office on TV? One says he wants the "Best for New Hampshire." Who doesn't want the "best" for our state? His wife says he is a "leader" and "fearless. What wife wouldn't say that about her husband.

Then we have another candidate running for the Senate. His sister says that he protected her as a youngster from an abusive stepparent. He was also a Boy Scout who lived in Portsmouth as a child. So what? That's all we get so far. I like to think he has something else?

Then we have the incumbent senator. She is for the Portsmouth Navy Yard. That's nice. Who is not in favor of keeping the Navy Yard? As a senior senator, if she cannot keep the yard in New Hampshire, we don't need to keep her in the Senate. She also likes small business. How about getting some big business to move to New Hampshire instead of China?

Then we have the former senator who is running again. Although he hasn't run an ads on TV, he has signs up all around the area. Guess we have to remember what he did when he was in the Senate years ago, in order to get an idea of what he would do if elected this year.

All of them are giving us a "Pig in a Poke." We don't know what we will get from any of them if elected until they get the job. We are entitled to more. How do they feel about immigration, the pipe line, Northern Pass, taxes, Afghanistan, military spending?

We want specifics. Facts, not emotion.

Len Economou