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Obama cares more about progressive ideology than what's best for us

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To The Daily Sun,

Hopefully everyone had a great Fourth of July, celebrating our nation's birth, and remembering the men and women who served and sacrificed for our freedoms. Last week's jobs report that President Obama and the media hype began the weekend on a positive note.

Unfortunately the hype about the jobs report, the 288,000 new jobs and the 6.1 percent unemployment rate, provides a false impression of reality. The reality is that this jobs report, like most recent jobs reports, signals a disaster for more hundreds of thousands of American families.

The primary scintilla of good news was that 799,000 part-time jobs were created. But 523,000 full-time jobs went away. Now over 7.5 million Americans wanting full-time jobs have to settle for part-time jobs with lower wages and few or no benefits. Lack of full-time jobs means people struggle with multiple part-time jobs to achieve the same standard of living ... or endure a lower standard of living.

In June 111,000 people gave up their fruitless job searches and dropped out of the labor force. Nevertheless, because the unemployment rate only counts people looking for work, this personal disaster helped reduce the unemployment rate to 6.1 percent.

Fewer than two out of three people capable of working have jobs. This is the lowest labor force participation rate since 1973. This would be great if people were better off, but most Americans, except the rich, are poorer, earning thousands of dollars less annually since Obama became president.

The progressive policies that President Obama has implemented have been a disaster for most Americans. Progressive policies, e.g., Obamacare, energy, immigration, regulatory, environmental, labor, and tax policies, stifle job growth and often kill the good jobs needed by middle- and lower-income Americans. But Obama's bailouts, subsidies, and crony-capitalist policies (e.g., Solyndra) make sure that the rich get richer.

If President Obama really cared about people, he would implement policies like Presidents Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush that encouraged a growing economy creating millions of good jobs.

But President Obama, like most Washington Democrats, cares more about his progressive ideology than about what is best for every American. President Obama pursues his ideology by destroying jobs and making people increasingly dependent on government and the politicians that provide subsidies to divert attention from the hardships caused by their progressive policies.

Unfortunately President Obama's progressive policies are achieving his ideological objectives including increasing the president's power in a bigger, more powerful government. As a result most Americans are poorer and less free.

Don Ewing