All Obama has to do is send National Buard to turn back the illegals

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To The Daily Sun,

Usually I don't bother replying to letters from Mr. John Hoyt from Plymouth but this one on Wednesday I can't pass up.

Apparently Mr. Hoyt thinks it's the Republicans who are standing in the way of immigration reform, That's untrue.

They even say they are willing to go for a realistic plan but they insist the president secure the boarder first. Why? Because they have been taken down this road a couple times before, most notably when Ronald Reagan signed an amnesty bill for 3-million illegals with the Dems' promise to pass boarder security afterward. The Dems reneged. Why trust them now?

All Obama has to do is send the National Guard to the boarder with orders to turn back the illegals and an immigration bill can be had. Simple enough for you Mr. Hoyt?

Steve Earle