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What's new with Obama ignorning sound advice, foreign or domestic?

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To The Daily Sun,

Our great constitutional law-professor president has now been shot down by the Supreme Court twice in four days. (I really pity those students he taught.) What's more, seems he hasn't learned a thing because he's vowed to keep right on using his pen and telephone (apparently to violate more of the Constitution that he doesn't understand or perhaps finds inconvenient ) in order to go around a Congress he can't convince that communism is the way to go. He's just full of bad ideas as his record shows. Critics said early on that he had no experience in any of the necessary fields to be a successful president and he has proved them right over and over. What's worse he has proven the inability to learn on-the job. He stubbornly holds to Marxist-socialist concepts that have failed everywhere in the world they have been tried and proven we in America are no exception to the rule. (It's the concept at fault not the people or culture.)
Our crisis down on the southern boarder seems to have surprised even Mr. Obama, even though he was warned months ago it would happen. But whats new with that? He was warned by our generals if he pulled out of Iraq the terrorists would flood back, they did and are. He was warned about the possibility of attacks in Libya against our embassy and interests but did nothing. Results, Benghazi.
Obama is a man so self confident that he fails to listen, heed warnings, take precautions or act in any way proactively. (Except of course to attack critics.)
So now with our resources overwhelmed in the south the president has now decided to bulk up the immigration courts there and send back all those unaccompanied children flooding in. Liberals can't be happy about that. All goes to prove he's a slow learner and unfortunately it's always others who end up paying the price in blood and tears for his arrogant incompetence.
Steve Earle