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The Belknap commissioners want more money for lawbreakers

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To The Daily Sun,

Just as a reminder, the plan for my radio show Saturday will include discussion of some Letters to the Editor in The Daily Sun this past week.
It is unfortunate for those who do not appreciate that my position is different than theirs re: spending taxpayers dollars (hard to come by) on construction of a county jail expansion.
If THEIR plan is $42 million or more; if their plan is hire 16 more employees; if their plan is to house those who are free to go after their sentence has been served get to stay for who knows how long — then count me as opposition. My hometown of Laconia is a Tax Cap city; we have many older folks like me who are fortunate to stay in our homes. The commissioners want more money for those who break the laws? Do the commissioners care if we have a Tax Cap or SB-2 in the communities that make up Belknap County?

As a former elected official (not a bureaucrat), one thing those who are elected by their peers should not accept insults from those who take those $90,000 plus checks a year home. Or a retired, pensioned judge who is insulting to those House members who receive $100 a year and mileage who care about the taxpayers? We have B. Hussein Obama that we have to watch every minute for our freedoms are being taken away, and county government who says; "if you don't like it, sue me". We aren't going to sue you. We are going to remove you from office.

I urge all concerned taxpayers of Belknap County to only vote for those you can count on for fiscal sanity-in touch with reality. And that includes some Republicans right here in Laconia.

Niel Young