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Congrats CruCon; and we can attract other growing businesses

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To The Daily Sun,

A local Moultonborough company, CruCon Cruise Outlet Plus, recently had a grand opening, at which their employees officially greeted the community, providing a tour of their operation. I believe the event was significant because it represents how we can attract commerce and jobs to our area. This marvelous company has attracted career-minded employees, many of whom, are just starting their families. In a short time, the company has grown to more than 100 employees, with $160 million in gross sales.

Employees expressed to me their delight that the company is situated in an ideal location with its beautiful lakes and mountains, and easy lifestyle. Through technology, a company like CruCon can operate just about anywhere. Through the telephone and the Internet, the company books cruises to anywhere in the world, on any cruise line.

Using this company as an example, we can attract other growing businesses. One way is to establish an Enterprise Zone in our district that provides businesses with certain incentives to relocate, such as tax breaks and help in finding investment. Businesses can also offer services to each other. Called "B2B," — business-to-business creates a strong middle class that invigorates our entire economy.

In my race for State Representative in Moultonborough, Sandwich and Tuftonboro, I am not running against any individual. I'm campaigning against an extreme philosophy that sees no role for state government or any public agency in helping people or businesses succeed.

As a former entrepreneur and businessman, I know how important government is to the success of any enterprise. A CEO knows it's important to relocate to a business-friendly area. A builder knows the importance of public construction projects. An independent tradesman knows the expense of medical care. Even a piano teacher knows that terrible winter roads can prevent her students from getting to their lessons. These are the types of things that should concern your state representative.

Nick Vazzana.

Candidate, NH. House of Representatives