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Republicans are just as much or more to blamefor illegals mess

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To The Daily Sun,

HR Bill 7311 is legislation that allows all the illegals to come here and to stay here. This was written by a Chris Smith (R-N.J.). Who signed it? It was G.W. Bush (R) who signed three bills, starting in 2002 with the Homeland Security Act, expanded it in 2005 and expanded it again in late 2008 when he was leaving office and "nobody" would notice it. These all helped with the resettlement and protection of immigrants to the point where we cannot make them leave. Both the House and Senate passed these bills. The House by a voice count so nobody will know who vote for or against it, and the Senate it was a unanimous "yes" vote.

The confusion with Obama was because of the green cards and instant citizen provisions he had for younger kids, age 7, that were here and stayed. Now everyone thought they would get the same treatment, so they come and we, by law, have to keep them until they are 18.

The 2008 version was called the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008. Wilberforce was an early 1800s English anti­slavery advocate. It also provided $80 million to investigate and prosecute those that traffic in the commercial sex acts from 2008-2018. It was supposed to reduce our deficit by $2 million, by 2008 estimates. Luckily for the Dems, it was passed under the GOP or can you imagine the screaming by Izza.

But in reality both sides are to blame but I feel there is more blame by the GOP than by the Democrats just because they wrote and signed it.

Jon Hoyt