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Thanks to American Legion Post & BHS volunteers for clean-up

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To The Daily Sun,

The Belmont Revitalization Committee and the Charles Kilborn American Legion Post in Belmont want to publicly express their appreciation for the work accomplished by volunteers from the Belmont High School Senior Class and some juniors as well on Monday, 9 June. This wasn't something they had to do. Rather, they freely volunteered to help out and worked hard on a hot, muggy and buggy afternoon.

The Revitalization Committee is proceeding with the construction of a pavilion next to the Belmont Mill. The long-term objective is to develop a public facility for recreation and town events. This entails the pavilion, a trail and bridge across the Tioga and a recreational trail along the old railroad bed all the way out to South Road. As a key part of this project, the entire slope along the river bank needs to be brushed out and cleaned up to open the view to the Tioga River.

This year, Belmont's American Legion Post and the Belmont High School volunteers offered to clean up a large section of the slope along the river bank, continuing the work done by BHS Senior Class Community Service Days in past years. This was a concept initiated by then-Vice Principal Dan Clary and continued now that he is principal, giving BHS students a sense of ownership in their community and helping to develop their understanding of the responsibilities — and rewards — of citizenship.

We join town officials in expressing our appreciation for Dan's initiative and the hard work of his student volunteers and of several members of the high school staff who joined us later in the afternoon. Dan was right out there working with his chainsaw, leading by example, and the students followed his lead. It was a real pleasure for us "old guys" and my wife to work with them all.

We are extremely pleased with what Dan and his crew got done and how good it looks. The area is clean, with a couple of green shrubs and some pines strategically remaining, and no slash or trash left. We can now see the Tioga River from the top of the bank and the old stone tailrace is visible for its entire length. This fits right in with the historical theme we want to present and the river view is actually quite scenic.

Several of the students said they wanted to give something back to their community — and they certainly did. This reflects the effectiveness of the program at Belmont High and the citizenship instilled in its graduates. Bottom line, Dan, you and your students have done our town a distinct service and have aided the Belmont revitalization program in reaching its goals. We thank you all very much.

Woodbury P. Fogg, Adjutant,

American Legion Post 58, and

Revitalization Committee member

Christine Fogg, Committee member

Ken Knowlton, Committee member