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It's not a career position; it's a first step for unskilled workers

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To The Daily Sun,

OMG, Bernadette Loesche is back again and once again tells Russ Wiles to research his subjects.

For her information, Mr. Wiles is a respected professional with a degree who does and has researched everything he writes, unlike Mrs. Loesche, who states her unresearched opinions as though they were facts. Time and time again her ludicrous assertions have been exploded by me and many others. Where she gets her ideas and opinions is anyone's guess but she really needs to get some other source.

In this most recent submission to this paper she uses as her source, a brief casual conversation with a cashier who had to (heavens to Betsy) work on a sunny day. From this she extrapolates that McDonald's, Dunkin' Donuts, Burger King, et. al. are just rolling in money and the poor workers are working slave-like for below subsistence wages (my description).

Now let me just guess that she did not talk to a manager, let alone the owner or financial officer of any of these establishments to learn what there profit margins are. Now I could be wrong, but from everything I've ever read, heard or been told these businesses operate on low profit margins and depend on volume sales to exist. They employ, often part-time people at entry-level wages to staff these businesses because, let's face it, it does not take a rocket scientist to flip burgers or fry donuts. If these workers expect to get $20, $30, $50 an hour they should have a marketable skill or profession.

Most of these folks are kids still in school, just out of school, or seniors looking to supplement their Social Security. McDonald's is not a career position, it is a first step for unskilled workers. Therefore and in that context Russ Wiles letter is a reasoned, rational projection of the most likely consequence of raising the minimum wage while the economy is depressed, sluggish and has the lowest worker participation rate since 1978.

Now just why should we leave Obama out of this as Bernadette commands. It was he who promised to fix all these things back six years ago and has not. In fact he has made things worse from my perspective. Everything he has touched has failed to live up to his promises, has hurt the poor and working families. The middle class is shrinking, struggling and bound to continue to do so under this administrations failed agendas. Unemployment among the young is around 16 percent in black and minority communities higher, and 50,000 illegal young aliens have flooded across the Texas boarder with Mexico with the promise of stealing what few available entry-level jobs our own poor citizens compete for now — all with Obama's and the left's blessing. So, thank you very much, but I will not leave Obama out of it.

Bernadette's sole excuse for these failures is to blame Republicans all the while Obama is skirting the laws and Constitution with his executive orders while golfing and keeping company with millionaires, billionaires, and trillionaires. Man of the people? No way.

Steve Earle