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State imprisons healthy teens & ignores others in need of help

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To The Daily Sun,

Justina Pelletier was allowed to go home to her family yesterday.

If you do not know who Justina is, I will tell you. She is a teenager with mitochondrial disease. She was seen by doctors at Tufts. Justina had the flu and was advised to go to Children's Hospital in Boston. Within hours of her being seen, it was decided that her illness was psychological. Her custody was awarded to the state and she was in Children's Hospital and later a mental institution for about a year or more.

Her health deteriorated. Any person with intelligence would realize that she was find under the care of Tufts and not under Children's so put her back under Tuft's and her parent's care. After almost a year, she was allowed to see her doctors at Tufts, but not allowed to go home. Yesterday her parents took her home and now have custody of her.

This is the nightmare of every parent.

What I do find interesting is the Pelletier's took very good care of their daughter. She did not have a mental disease. She has a physical disease and Tufts doctors were taking very good care of her.

There are other parents that have problems with their children and ask for help in having their children, either put in an institution for care of see mental health professionals. But nothing happens. No care is given to these children/teens. Parents are not helped...

People with schizophrenia think they are fine and the rest of us crazy. They do not take their medicine, and the horrible attacks and killings are happening. This has happened since the shutdown of a huge number of mental institutions. Now we do not have the beds for the people who need help.

What happens is, these young people get guns and kill innocent people.

The state imprisons innocent and healthy teens and ignores teens in serious need of help.

Instead the states and federal government want to limit our Second amendment rights.

There is nothing wrong with our Second Amendment rights. People who need mental health help need it and should get it. The safety of our citizens depends on those who need help to be to get it now before more attacks happen.

Linda Riley