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Pres. Obama has made very traveling American a hostage target

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To The Daily Sun,

Attempting to distract the American people from the Benghazi, VA, and other scandals, President Obama committed another major blunder instead of the media coup he desired. The illegally executed, ill-considered trade for Sgt. Bergdahl aids the enemy and will cost Americans and many others their freedom and/or their lives.

According to the military, Sgt. Bergdahl was not a prisoner of war. He voluntarily and secretly abandoned his post in Afghanistan, reportedly to join the enemy. Soldiers in his unit call him a "deserter" if not a "traitor," and some believe that he gave the enemy information that helped them kill more Americans.

The trade for Sgt. Bergdahl released five top Taliban terrorist leaders (unlawful enemy combatants, not soldiers), including some al-Qaeda members and some wanted by the World Court for war crimes (for killing thousands of civilians).

From a danger standpoint, Vietnam veterans should consider these terrorist commanders as dangerous as Viet Cong or North Vietnamese Commanders like General Giap. World War II veterans should consider them as dangerous as Commanders like Admiral Yamamoto, who planned and attacked Pearl Harbor, or Field Marshal Rommel, who won many victories, including beating our army at the Kasserine Pass. Such trades would have been unthinkable because such trades would, just like this trade will, cause many thousands of people to suffer and die.

President Obama violated the law in releasing prisoners from Guantanamo without prior notification to Congress. The claimed health problems aren't apparent in the Bergdahl exchange video. Desperate for a media coup, the administration probably thought that the "brilliance" of this trade would quiet the strong objections that Congressional Republicans and Democrats voiced about similar previous proposals.

President Obama violated our policy against negotiating with terrorists and made every American, worldwide, a hostage target.

President Obama's trade for Sgt. Bergdahl to try to divert our attention from his scandals was illegal, careless, and possibly treasonous. He made the world more dangerous. Release of these five top enemy commanders to maim, kill and enslave certainly appears to be giving "aid and comfort" to our enemy.

Don Ewing