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Captain Amnesty has delivered implicit message: come on in

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To The Daily Sun,

President Obama has long since decided to lead by no longer reaching across the aisle, by no longer building consensus on an issue and by ignoring the rule of law. Remember the bygone days when he actually made some attempt to partner with Congress? And actually move bills through the legislative process and garner signatures? The pen and phone, go-it-alone strategy now seems to fit him to a tee. Because as Lou Dobbs notes, "He now not only circumvents Congress, but the law as well." Executive fiat is not to be confused with some fancy, Italian-made golf cart for our dear leader. It is progressive arrogance and narcissism run amok.

Captain Amnesty (not to be confused with Captain America) has given the implicit message to parents of illegal immigrant children that they can "come on in." The water temperature in this country will be just comfy for your children. Citizen taxpayers are ready, willing and able to pay for their care. Until recently, many in the GOP had been complicit with President Obama's amnesty measures by trusting him with his immigration legislation. Seriously, at this point, how can anyone trust this man?

The number of illegal children crossing our borders is expected to swell from 60,000 this year to 120,000 by next year. President Paradox calls this a crisis at our border and calls for humanitarian efforts with the requested help of $1.4 billion in extra federal funding. Paradoxical or ironic (without the humor) is it not, because this crisis is his own monster creation. An "administration-made disaster," says Rep. Bob Goodlatte.

As precisely as one can ascertain accurate details from the "jabberwocky talk" of White House spokespersons, our president has decreed the following: Stop enforcing border security for children; adults and anyone who wants to can enter our country. Again, according to Mr. Dobbs, our president has ordered Border Patrol to ship scores of illegal immigrants from Texas to other states, especially Arizona. Perhaps just one more way that Obama can "punish his enemies." This time the target being Governor Jan Brewer. Texas border patrol is near total collapse, so let's dump my self-made problem onto a bunch of other states commands the "Bully-in-Chief." How's that for humanitarian compassion my fellow citizen countrymen and women?

The lawlessness of this president is breath-taking. Watching the mainstream media still try to cover for this "emperor with no clothes" further illustrates the collapse of the "Fourth Estate."

Charles Krauthammer noted in a 2011 column, "If we don't get politics right, everything else risks extinction." In this case, our borders, language and culture. The fundamental transformation by this president is now attacking the very sovereignty of this nation.

Russ Wiles