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Inter-Lakes H.S. Rensissance Fair was successful because of you

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To The Daily Sun,

The Inter-lakes High School class of 2017 would like to thank the community for another successful Renaissance Faire which was held last week at the Inter-lakes Community Auditorium.

The students were issued the task of researching an influential person who has shaped both the Renaissance and our world today. The student's were assigned this project in their Ancient World History and English 9 classes as part of an interdisciplinary unit.

Over the past few months students have used critical thinking skills to research and explain how the world was influenced by an individual and how they still affect us today in 2014. The students used collaboration while working with their peers, and used communication skills to effectively present their information. Students dressed in costumes of the time period, presented three minute speeches to the guests, and show-cased posters and artifacts that they made. The Faire has been going on for over two decades and is a tradition for the freshman class.

The event was a success due to the amazing support of the parents, administrators, school district and community.

We would like to thank the Inter-lakes Middle Tier/High School Theater Company and the Winnipesaukee Playhouse for allowing students to borrow costumes for the event. We would like to thank Chris Wald and his custodial staff for helping us set up and break down the event. We would also like to thank the music and art departments for allowing the students to use their space and materials to enhance the project. Also, Angie Miller and Patti Bogert-the school librarian and librarian assistant for helping the students throughout the research portion, and finally our amazing para educators that helped the students every step of the way.

The event was successful due to you our community. Thank you to all that came to the event, especially grades 5-8 for taking time out of their class day to come support their peers and allow the students to show their knowledge in a fun and creative way.

Thank you.

Laura Brusseau & Sarah Harbrook

9th Grade Social Studies/9th Grade English Educators

Inter-Lakes High School