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Perhaps he was just a confused, depressed, very ill soldier

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To The Daily Sun,

The June 19 POW/MIA Vigil and Freedom Ride will go on as scheduled. We have made the statement over the years that Faith, Trust, Truth, Responsibility and Accountability are important. Those words are still important. Just discussing the last five years, those who have been involved in vigils and rides can be proud, for doing the right thing.

If an American soldier was being held POW tomorrow, would you not do the same thing? Up until a few days ago most Americans didn't know the name Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Today those that do are ready to call him "deserter" without hearing from him as yet. If what we're hearing is completely true, did at that time, the 23-year-old soldier do what he may have done with desertion on his mind? His country and especially his family? Or perhaps was this a confused, depressed, very ill soldier overlooked on a field of battle. Not an excuse, just fact.

Would anything justify the loss of life of any American serviceman or woman on the battlefield or fill the void in a Gold Star Family? The words "healing" and "closure" are for those of us who have not had to sacrifice what they have.

Writing letters about being upset with "war, direction of the country, consideration of the Afghan people and justice? I remember a person sitting in front of a Senate House Committee discussing an unjust war, direction of the country, loss of American life and atrocities of war while American men and women were still fighting and dying during that War. Today he's Secretary of State.

There will be a time and place for others to judge. Faith, trust, truth, responsibility and accountability are still important.

We can gather together and ride because we are free to do so. We did the right thing and I believe we'd do it together again, so long as we have men and women in harm's way. Some must keep the faith. This could be the most important Vigil and Ride to date.

Bob Jones, VP

Northeast POW/MIA Network