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The rich & Obama will be buying immediate access to health care

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To The Daily Sun,

The two-tier health system is here. Designed and implemented by Democrats. Remember that on Election Day.

The most outrageous fact is that Barack Obama saw fit to exclude himself and his family from the very health legislation he forced down America's throat. Obamacare prevents the very sickest cancer victims in this country from accessing 15 of the 19 best cancer treatment hospitals in America, at the same time forcing tens of millions of people into the narrowest of health care networks run by just one or two providers in many states, including New Hampshire.

First semester economics students understand it is only increased competition that lowers cost. One tier for the rich and connected, like Obama, another for the middle and lower economic classes. Do you think Obama and Jeanne Shaheen are prevented access to the best cancer care if they need it? Not on your life. It is no wonder the vast majority of Americans give a double thumbs down on Obamacare. It has already harmed tens of millions more people than it has helped, and the pain is just beginning. Obama screams his lungs out over inequality while building a perpetual monument to it in heath care, called Obamacare.

It is simple and undeniable logic. Medicaid, Medicare and Obamacare patients are going to discover ever decreasing access to care, as importantly, lower quality care because government has over-promised since FDR that it would pay the health-care bills of the old and the poor.

Government simply cannot afford to make good on that promise with out bankrupting this country. That is why government and Democrats turned the health-care industry into a bogus, straw man to create a public image that allowed it to take over the industry, strangling it with rules, regulations, higher taxes and most important of all lower reimbursement rates.
The truth is, the under-cost fees government has mandated doctors accept has been a core cause of escalating health-care cost increases for decades. The private sector pays much higher prices to subsidize the underpayment of hundreds of billions by government. Doctors, the key ingredient in health-care delivery, are not going to accept it any longer. They are already rebelling. The end result is middle America is going to die and live in unnecessary pain waiting to get health care because it is not available or denied them as illustrated by the best cancer hospitals. Government and Obamacare are driving thousands of doctors out of the business of serving the middle and lower class.

Don't believe me? About one-third of physicians and about one-quarter of specialists in this country have already completely closed their practices to Medicaid patients. Over 52 percent of physicians have limited access Medicare patients have to their practices or are planning to limit that access soon. Doctors are already refusing to see millions of patients because government underpays them.

Thousands of hospitals refuse to see Obamacare patients because government underpays them. Many of the biggest and best insurance companies in America refuse to participate in Obamacare because government refuses to pay them adequately. There are now 4,400 concierge, or cash-only, doctors in America who refuse to see or treat government paid patients on Medicare, Medicaid or Obamacare.

The number of these practices is burgeoning, and 10 percent more plan to covert to concierge care only within 36 months. The rich and Obama (as they do in Europe) will be buying immediate health-care access to concierge doctors through private insurance at very substantial cost. The person with a government health insurance card, whatever flavor, is already discovering fewer and fewer places will serve him. That world will only shrink. Your future health care plan by government for you under Medicaid, Medicare and Obamacare is a bottle of aspirin, a box of Exlax and unlimited visits to a voodoo doctor that sticks pins into dolls. Welcome to the two-tier health care plan created by Democrats.

Tony Boutin