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Niel Young has a lot of gall to call me a 'taker'; look in the mirror

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To The Daily Sun,

Today's letter, I will direct to the Mad Hatter of Radio in Laconia, Neil Young.

You keep calling me a "taker" because at 60-years-old I went on disability. At 62 I started receiving my Social Security benefits, which I worked from the age of 14 until retirement; mostly as a self-employed contractor. And over the years, I provided jobs for many other people. I paid my taxes through all those years and I am only getting back from what I paid into. I pay my mortgage and all my bills with my SS benefits. You may also receive these benefits, plus Medicare. You have a lot of gall to call me a "taker", when you have also received government benefits.

I know that you lost a parent in WWII and call yourself a "War Orphan". It's horrible to lose a parent. I know this from my own life. My father lost his mother when he was 2-years-old and was shuffled around to family members who didn't want to care for him. It doesn't matter to me how a child loses a parent. Be it war or in my fathers' case his mother dying in child birth. What does matter, it that there were not benefits for my father as a child to help survive, so he basically cared for himself at a very young age. Compared to what he went through, you had it made.

You spend too much time living in the past and complaining about everyone else getting free things. Most of the time, you don't know what your are talking about. Spend more time researching your subject matter before you speak. That means listening to something other than Mad Hatter Tea Party views. You need to open your mind to all aspects of the social media. Get your facts correct. Stop saying your show is an "open forum" when it is actually for ultra conservative nit wits and that kind. I don't like using these words, but if it's good for the goose, it's good for the gander.

Ray Corliss