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I will tackle task of explaining difference between knife & gun

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To The Daily Sun,
We regularly read in this paper right-wing opinions that trickle-down economics works, and that racism is no longer a problem in our country. How much more proof do you need to understand that these opinions are wrong.

I understand if you rely on a channel called Fox for what you consider current events, you are proud of your least-well-informed citizens label. So, I am not talking to you. You go on believing what ever it is you believe. Oh yeah, I wouldn't use the word "news" in association with that channel ever, I don't care what they say. Also, I love a good fairy tale as much as the next guy, but that old yarn about the gray haired old white guys being responsible for the civil rights movement is even more tired than a bear climbing onto a boat in the Antarctic.

Were there courageous Republicans back in the 1960s who helped bring civil rights to fruition? Certainly. Were there Democrats back then who embarrassed themselves and our country by fighting it? Oh yeah, they did.

Where's Paul Harvey when you need him, you know, for "the rest of the story." I know the rest of the story, so do most well-informed people, check it out for yourself, it's a part of our history, like it or not. I recently heard the peepers starting up their evening music, I was out looking for a courageous Republican.
Every day, along with even more severe weather, we hear of more records being broken by the 1-percenters, the wealthy are getting wealthier every day. And I say more power to them. I honestly have no problem with people making lots of money. But please, don't expect me to believe that they care about anyone but themselves. If the wealthy having even more wealth created jobs we would be begging folks to come here to live because we would have so many jobs. Remember that the right-wingers think women are paid less than men because they aren't good negotiators. As if all jobs women apply for have negotiable salaries. They also believe that you should have a "right to work" which certainly sounds reasonable if you don't look too hard at it. If the right is successful in doing away with unions, you can be sure that "right to work" will become "your job goes to the lowest bidder," now doesn't that sound like fun?

I have to wonder if the true patriots, you know, the Revolutionary War patriots, brought their wives and kids to hide behind when they fought the British? I'm willing to bet they didn't.

I get the gun culture, many of my family and friends are into guns; most of them are liberals; they are for the most part gun nuts. Not to be confused with nuts with guns. I don't get the shoot-first-and-lie-about-why-you-shot after, laws in this country. They call them "stand your ground" laws — what a joke. A very famous case involves a young man who "stood his ground" and he was murdered by a criminal with a gun. The right-wing criminal friendly laws are just beginning. In the case I just mentioned they tried to make the sociopathic criminal a star of some sort, really sort of scary when you think about it.

Back to what in reality aren't patriots, but are actually terrorists invading Nevada, in support of a man who is happy to tell you he doesn't believe in the United States of America. This freeloading right-wing millionaire is enjoying himself and flaunting his right-wing criminal activity, and he is being protected by a bunch of loonies with guns, ironically the bands of roving criminals that the right-wingers claim we have to arm ourselves to defend ourselves from, you can't make this stuff up.

Now to tackle the seemingly difficult task of explaining the difference between a knife and a gun. A knife might be made to cut things for many reasons and in many ways. Guns are made to kill people. A knife may be used to harvest fruits and vegetables, then to slice them prior to consumption. Guns are made to kill people. A knife might be used to butcher meats of all kinds and also be used again prior to consumption, to slice it into bite sized pieces. Guns are made to kill people. A knife may be made to carve wood, or to use to create many different works of art. Guns are made to kill people. Well I think you know where I am going with this. While I may feel that the world would be a better place without guns, not to worry. My powers of ridding the world of firearms has been greatly over-exaggerated. The funny thing is, is that I am not even anti gun. Everyone in my family and all the friends who are gun owners keep them secure in a safe. That's what they tell me anyway. I've seen the safes so I know they have them. I certainly would not support the confiscation of guns by anyone, but at the same time I believe common sense mental health background checks are a useful tool to help slow the killings. We will never be able to stop the killing, yes. Knives can be used to kill, but it takes a whole different mind set to stab someone, than it does to shoot them from, say, ten to twenty feet away.

A few words about Benghazi.

I understand that it was a tragedy. But please, you must realize that the result of this wild goose chase will be that Ambassador Chris Stevens made the fateful decision to go there on his own. Now think about that for a moment. I don't know what decisions were being made or why, about the security issue at embassies and other diplomatic compounds around the world. I do know that Paul Ryan gave an interview, I believe it was after the incident in Benghazi, where he stated that he had voted against more security for our embassies because we were paying too much already. Now I don't agree with Mr. Ryan about much, I would have to guess that he is, and was, right about that. But what to do? That is what we should be clearly focused on.

To the woman who wrote about this incident, blaming it on President Obama making us less safe around the world. Do yourself a favor and do a smidgen of research prior to writing a letter to anyone, it will keep you from embarrassing yourself again.

It's too bad the right-wingers like to take a tiny bit of a whole story, and attempt to make it a scandal. It's too bad because now they've brought it to a high school, yes I'm talking about the kerfuffle over the novel "Nineteen Minutes."

My first thought was back to when I was in high school, I read an assigned book by the author Paul Zindel. I think this particular book was called "I Never Loved Your Mind." The book I'm talking about was about a couple of young school kids, who along with the help of others, arrange an illegal abortion. The story was a tragedy from the beginning, but I don't remember much about it now. What I do remember was a kid I went to school with from kindergarten telling me that I was going to burn in hell for reading that book. He got very upset when I laughed at him, I'm sorry, it was funny the way he said it. I can tell you with a great deal of certainty that that book made me realize how important not getting a girl pregnant was to a high school kid. Now that's just me, I can't speak for any of my classmates, but I'm willing to bet they got the message too.

There are a couple of lessons from this that the kids will learn, the one apparently topical one from the book, and the other from those protesting it. Maybe that's not so bad after all. I look forward to reading "Nineteen Minutes."

Marty Valengavich