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Let's guarantee every small business ownerr $7.25 an hour

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To The Daily Sun,

The empty logic of raising the minimum wage never ends. Liberals, Democrats and union-huggers are forever trying to get people paid more money for doing no more work. If there was ever a sure-fire recipe for further economic decline in this country that is it.

In an economy devaluing labor and in a business world gone global there is no surer path to becoming uncompetitive and bankrupt than paying people more money to do the same amount of work. Higher wages go one place: higher product costs. That harms the living standards of every consumer, every place. Paying people more to do the same work has a name. It is called inflation.

Don't you just hate it when you go to the store and the same product you bought last week now costs $1 more. That is what increasing labor costs without more output does to everyone. It forces the poor to pay higher prices for the most basic products from a McDonald's hamburger to a quart of milk.

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office stated unambiguously a minimum wage increase to $10.10 will kill 500,000 jobs. Tell me that is not a moral injustice to a half million people. I laugh when people that try to inject morality into an argument. You only see this from the far left, social justice engineers who anoint themselves god on issues. It is hilarious. They think we are all idiots.

If Democrats really want to show genuine concern for people making subsistence wages, they would be better served focusing on small business owners who spend years trying to create an even marginally profitable business. The small business owner often works for peanuts ($7.25 an hour would be a windfall for him) while risking his and his family's security in the struggle. Many, actually make a negative wage while working 60 to 80 hours per week. That small business owners, the backbone of this country who make nothing should be forced to pay their employees even more, which loses them even more money is indeed more than a moral injustice.

Small business expansion is the jobs engine of this nation. Small business creation has gone to sleep under Obama. Forcing small business owners to pay higher wages while they make nothing is just his latest assault on them by Obama.

Let's guarantee every small business owner $7.25 an hour for their work in the name or moral fairness. I suggest we fund it by federally mandating union dues cuts. This would increase union workers' pay checks while underpinning the small business owners who are the heart and soul of America. The other benefit, lower union dues means less money trying to buy a political outcome, which is where 80 percent of union dues go. Democrats are always looking to reduce outside money in politics. This would be a good start.

Tony Boutin