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June 3 is deadline for change party affiliation for primary voting

To The Daily Sun,

On Sept. 9, we will vote on the many candidates who have been campaigning all through the summer for the U. S. Senate and Congress, for the N.H. House and State Senate, and for many local offices, such as county commissioner, etc. This is called the Primary Election.

Before we can vote in the Primary Election we have to select which party we want to vote with because there is a Democrat ballot and a Republican ballot. You can only select one. So here is a bit of important information.

If you wish to change the party you are now registered with, you have until June 3, 2014, to do so with the Supervisors of the Checklist.

For instance, you may not come to the Primary Election as a registered Democrat and ask for a Republican ballot. You must declare yourself a Republican or Democrat or Undeclared no later than June 3. The only exception to this rule is if you are now registered as Undeclared.

Before checking in with the ballot inspectors to vote, you must choose to vote as either a Republican or Democrat by going to the Supervisors of the Checklist first. However, after you have voted, you may revert to Undeclared status by returning to the Supervisors of the Checklist before you leave the polls. If you do not choose to revert to Undeclared, you will remain with the party you have selected.

In November, at the General Election, this isn't the case. You will receive one ballot. There will be opposing Democrats and Republicans on that ballot. No matter which party you are registered with you may vote for anyone on the ballot. Write-in candidates are allowed on all ballots.

See you at the polls.

Elena Ball

Gilmanton Iron Works


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