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Duncan will protect every N.H. child'sright to quality education

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To The Daily Sun,

It was very disheartening to read another example of Senate Republican Leader Jeb Bradley using half-truths and fear-mongering to pander to the extreme right wing of his party. In order to garner votes in November he has cynically criticized Bill Duncan's nomination to the New Hampshire Board of Education.

Bradley is quoted in a Concord Monitor article Tuesday, May 6, saying, "Duncan is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging the business tax credit that gives scholarships to students who attend private and religious schools, and he opposes charter schools." What Bradley fails to include in his limited information statement is that there is a good chance the NH Superior Court will find the business tax credit (passed by the Republican controlled Senate and House in 2012) unconstitutional just like the Medicaid Enhancement Tax was in April 2014.

Now some of those same Republican legislators are dancing as fast as they can to figure out how to compensate for the multimillion-dollar hole they created with their votes, Bradley being one of them. Who knows what further financial damage will be done to the state budget if the thinly disguised business tax credit (a voucher system in reality) is also found to be unconstitutional.

I am glad the Executive Council saw fit to approve Gov. Hassan's nomination of Bill Duncan. New Hampshire students, families and taxpayers need a knowledgeable advocate who will protect every child's right to a quality, standards-based education, taught by caring and qualified professionals.

Kay M. Anderson