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Hoopla over Boston Marathon bombin does disservice to victims

To The Daily Sun,

I suggest to the readers of your excellent media outlet that they cut out, frame and hang in a prominent place, Froma Harrop's "Lessons not Learned from the Boston Marathon Bombing."

The hoopla, B.S. and photo ops you see on the T.V. do a disservice to the victims and to the American-people, like it or not. There exists little or no deterrent or security from terrorism. 

Our immigration policy is an open door, the actions of leadership past and present with their senseless interventions in foreign affairs to no end.

Without turning our backs on God and common sense, and adoption of a Nazi style designation "non-person" and subsequent elimination of them. We have become an abomination in the eyes of those who seek to destroy us. God help us.

Donald C. Poirier