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Bill Edney will be greatly missed by all people who knew him

To The Daily Sun,

Meredith lost a wonderful man last Saturday. Bill Edney was a very special person; he tried as much as he could to help the people that he came in contact with. Bill was a very good buddy for a long, long time and we did a lot of very interesting things together.

I wondered how he could become a building inspector/code enforcement officer because he didn't seem to be interested in stopping people from doing things which is what I thought that enforcement officers did. I have to imagine that what he did was to help people to build what they wanted to build and comply with the intent of the codes.

Bill was a very special guy who seemed to always talk in a way that other people understood. He could connect with people. He liked people and people liked him. He always seemed to be doing amazing things without much effort.

He played music his whole life and he was good at it. He could perform in public and everyone felt his songs while he was playing, but he would rather make music with his friends in a garage or at someone's home.

Those of you that have been to his and Sharon's home, do you remember what it looked like before they bought it? Now it is a work of art. I think that if Bill were to try to say anything now that he is gone it would be to tell us to try to help and love each other.

Bill will be greatly missed by his family, friends and the people that knew him.

Greg Miller

St. Thomas

U.S. Virgin Islands