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If we don't stand up for this man, what are we really defending?

To The Daily Sun,

People of Gilford, even though I may be from Moultonborough, I was disheartened to hear that a father was arrested for speaking out against a book at a school board meeting. After watching the video, I was shocked.

Have we gotten to the point here in this great state that parents get arrested for speaking their concerns at public meetings ,especially when it concerns their children's well-being?

To your school board, you had no right. That man is protected by his First Amendment rights, and his natural right to watch out for the content of his child's readings. He was not threatening, he was not hostile. I have said it before, and I will say it again, if we do not stand up for this man than what land are we really defending? I saw progressive intolerance at play, and it was not good policy.

To the police officer, you broke your oath to defend the New Hampshire, and U.S Constitutions. I am ashamed that this happened here, miles from my home.

To Moultonborough, you better not even think about these kind of tactics, I will not tolerate them.

To the father, sir, you have my support. An apology is in order. You had every right.

David R.Oliver