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Learn how workforce housing will impact your taxes & life

To The Daily Sun,

If you attended the advertised public informational meeting of the Sanbornton Planning Board on May 1, you then heard it introduced by Planner Bob Ward as a workshop meeting of the Planning Board instead.

Not many questions were asked in the two hour period. Almost none was answered with clear direct answers. No pertinent information was given, and some of the "public" (state Rep. Jane Cormier), were not allowed to speak. (She was allowed a few words at the close of the meeting, where she offered to return, if we asked, to share her knowledge and experience on this topic. She further commented that she has traveled to five different communities across the state on this issue and has lots of information to share. In her travels to share and help New Hampshire citizens, she had never been received or been treated like this).

Sanbornton, we should be ashamed of such behavior, from a few among us, to a visitor willing to offer us knowledge and help with such an important issue. On behalf of the citizens of the town of Sanbornton, I offer my heartfelt apologies to Rep. Cormier.

If another farmer/gardener had learned a way to avoid potato blight, wouldn't we want to listen and learn from him, even if he wasn't from Sanbornton?

It seems that those in power do not want Sanbornton citizens to truly know and understand what this program is all about and the true impact it will have on our taxes and property rights.

The one direct/simple question asked: " How will this impact my taxes?" received a direct and emphatic answer by a Planning Board member, "This program (workforce housing) will not impact your taxes. It will not raise your taxes." If you can believe that, then I have a "bridge to nowhere for sale!"

Now, if you are interested in learning the facts about workforce housing and how it will impact our life and taxes in Sanbornton, please attend a meeting set for May 8, 2014, at 7 p.m. in the Town Library which is open to the public.
The presenters will be state Reps. Jane Cormier (who was not allowed to speak), and John Burt, along with Susan Olsen will provide information and answers to your questions. They have vast experience with workforce housing in New Hampshire and have been successful in helping citizens understand the true facts and origin of the program; as well as defeat it in their communities. For example, Goffstown turned the program down/canceled the grant after receiving the grant.

They will provide us with the exact documents our town signed, including the terms and conditions of the $30,000 grant. Such terms included the outreach/informational meetings which they failed to do in the last year, until pressed by citizens.

Reps claim to also have evidence of a statement by the Lakes Region Planning Commission, and HUD (Housing and Urban Development, a federal agency) that states, we have to break the strong belief/attitude in property rights that New Hampshire  holds, and change the zoning laws so feds can change the landscape.

If you cannot attend, you are urged to educate/arm yourself with the true facts. Go online (if no computer, visit the town library, they have them), and read about the workforce program. It is another top-down program.

Visit: #1 Granite State Futures, the Real Facts, #2 Agenda 21, the U.N. program that President Clinton signed into effect by executive order #12852.

That "Pass it now and read it later to learn what is in it" thing of Nancy Pelosi is happening now in Sanbornton. Reading it later will be too late.

Judy Burlingame-Rich