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Please understand the difference between heartache & hatred

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To The Daily Sun,

After participating in an open feed for WMUR on Facebook yesterday, in reference to the upcoming Lafond trial, I want to make known that it is most definitely the defense attorney's job to find loopholes and defend the accused to the best of his ability. That is our justice system.

I most feel compelled to offer my condolences to the victims family and friends. What a horrible tragedy for all involved. I'm sure my attempt to console such a huge void doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.

As jury selection and the trial are finally approaching, I'm sure its like reliving this nightmare over.

As I was reading the posted comments, I became disgusted. As people, like myself, who don't even know you, spit fire, plant seeds of hatred, animosity, and bitterness. As if to publicly degrade and stone the accused makes the situation go away or any easier to deal with for the ones who are affected firsthand.

Please don't take my words out of context, or think that in anyway I would attempt to try and lessen your pain or the seriousness of what took place that tragic day. But there is a difference between heartache and hatred.

My hope and prayers are with you as you grieve daily. I'm sure the pain will never go away. But I pray your options of learning to cope only get stronger with time. You unavoidably have a huge void, that I pray is pacified in the days to come with loving, encouraging, positive people. As there is undeniably a force that wants to contend for that void, bitterness and anger is like taking poison and waiting for someone else to die. And all too often deceives us to be our hurt and pain. That is something I do know about.

Also, keeping in mind that Lily was a sweet young girl, she would not want the ones she loves to be driven by those reckless forces or negatively influenced by so much hate. So seek sanctuary, and refuge away from those who would only make it harder and make it harder to find healing and peace. After this tragedy, where everyone lost you are most deserving of life abundantly. I happen to know there are healthy, loving people in the community who would embrace you and walk this healing journey in a positive way.
Best wishes and prayers in your days ahead.

Kendra Peters