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Wasn't the duty of our councilors to endorse casino gambling

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To The Daily Sun,

First, I attended the Laconia City Council meeting Monday night. State Sen. Andrew Hosmer was present to explain his resolution for support of SB-366 — to have the state of N.H. accept two gambling casinos in southern N.H. My reason for attending was to ask our mayor and city council to NOT sign on as supporters of this proposed legislation.

I was sure that my ward councilor would vote in opposition after I had provided the full body of information, and expalined this was not really the duty of of our leaders at the council table. Mayor Engler allowed me adequate time to speak to the council and Hosmer. He runs a good meeting!
Upon my arrival to City Hall, all were told that my wife reports she can see you (on television) but she can't hear you. As it turns out; the audio never worked.
Hence, the reason for a brief description of what happened.
They (councilors) were speaking for the residents. There were many good arguments (mine) of what will bring eggs to the faces of Councilors Baer, Hamel, and Bolduc if this $600,000 does not materialize after the first one or two years of gambling revenue sharing to Laconia. They have a plan. As City Manager Myers reminded all; an understanding is only good for two years — until the next council is seated. Question: how many times in the past 3-4 years has the state government diminished, or cut in its entirety, that shared money? Why would anyone in these times promote the uncertainty of this type of legislation?

Two last points. Why did Councilor Bownes never take a position but rather choose to recuse himself, just prior to the vote? Be sure to remember that Mayor Engler said, though he does not vote unless there is a tie, he would have voted NO. That, my friends, is someone who is going to be a leader.
Niel Young